Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kyle Godfrey

Kyle Godfrey is a G at skateboarding

He can do a tre flip and a nose grind

But he does not know the world of dating

If he opens his eyes, there is a mind

When he skates, he crushes everybody

His kick flip and pop shove-it are enough

All his buddies play with silly putty

When he beats them, even all of their fluff

He has never fell, and never will fall

Even though he pops the tre flip all day

All of his followers won’t stop to call

People stare at him and he says okay

Kyle Godfrey wants a sexy girl friend

But he only skates, and this is the end

I Remember

I remember my obsession for motorcycles
I remember my mother telling me I couldn’t get one
I remember researching all the different kinds up
I remember dreaming about them
I remember pretending to ride my bike like one
I remember her finally saying I could get oneI remember the joy on my face when she told meI remember jumping up and down so excited
I remember not having enough money to afford one
I remember not being able to get one…

Rainy Forest

Drops of water fall

Tap tap of rain can be heard

When one listens hard

Birds flying around

They sense a big storm coming

Hide in small warm caves

Thunder all around

No place to take shelter in

But the wet tree tops

Sprinkling everywhere

Animals start to scatter

Very refreshing

Raining feeds the trees

Renews the ground for new birth

For trees and small plants